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Got garage door woes in Belmont? You're not alone. Dive into the most common inquiries we receive, paired with the insights that'll guide you through.

Why does my garage door opener act like it's got a mind of its own?

If your garage door opener is more finicky than a cat on a hot tin roof, it could be due to several reasons. It might be something simple like dead batteries in your remote or something more complex requiring professional help. Regular maintenance can prevent these issues but when trouble strikes, reaching out for expert advice is key.

A malfunctioning opener can often signal deeper problems within the system such as misaligned tracks or worn-out gears. Ignoring these signs may lead to bigger headaches down the road. So if your garage door decides to play 'open sesame' without listening, it's time to call in the pros.

Should I replace my garage door?

This question comes up a lot and honestly, it depends on several factors including age, damage level, and safety concerns. If repair costs start approaching half of what a new one would cost you—or if your current model lacks modern safety features—it might be time for an upgrade.

Upgrading brings not only advancements in energy conservation and enhanced protection but also a level of sophistication and safety that older versions simply don't offer. Plus, they give your home’s curb appeal a serious boost.

Why did my spring break?

Springs are under constant tension and over time they wear out; it’s just physics doing its thing. The lifespan of springs varies based on how much you use your garage door but typically ranges between 7-12 years.

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